PHP Hosting

PHP hosting lets your Website take advantage of all the features of the open-source PHP scripting language. PHP scripts are embedded in HTML and are executed by the host's servers to generate dynamic content on your site. Because of its popularity, PHP is supported by many different operating systems and platforms, with a common setup being the LAMP (for Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database and PHP) structure.  

The most recent versions of PHP are PHP 4 and PHP 5. PHP script behavior can also be customized using a php.ini configuration file; if you’re looking for that option, be sure your PHP host supports custom php.ini files.  

PHP helps drive the MySQL database, which explains why so many dynamic and data-rich sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo! take advantage of PHP scripts.  

Other popular PHP-based applications include the phpBB message forum, the WordPress Weblogging script, the GBook guestbook, X7 Chat, the osCommerce and CubeCart shopping carts, phpForms for form creation, PHPlist mailing list management system, WebCalendar, and the PHP-Nuke and Mambo content management systems.  

PHP Hosting is not an option for Website owners who want to use Active Server Pages or Visual Basic, both of which require a server running Windows. However, it an effective option if you're planning to use CGI, Perl, PHP or other open-source and Unix-based applications.  

In addition to meeting your scripting needs, make sure your PHP host can also offer any other features you might want, including adequate disk space and bandwidth, email accounts, databases, a Web-based control panel, WebMail, FTP access, ecommerce and support for applications like Weblogs, discussion forums, live chat, photo galleries and more.