Shared SSL Hosting

Cheap Shared SSL Business Web Hosting

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is the standard for e-commerce security. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers and personal information submitted via a web browser. You know that you're on an SSL protected web page when the address begins with "https" and there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the page (in address bar using Mozilla Firefox).

Cheap Shared Hosting Plan

- Our cheap Shared SSL business web hosting allows you to encrypted sensitive information before transmission through a web browser.

- Shared SSL provides secure web server access without requiring you to purchase an expensive SSL certificate.

- Shared SSL allows you to avoid this additional cost, but you will be required to access your secure content in a form similar to the following: https://host.server.ext/~username/

- Our Shared Hosting packages are an excellent foundation for small, medium & large sized businesses. Our packages are realistically priced with uptime & service in mind while still including many features. The packages below include everything you need to get your website online.

- Our services support a wide range of forums, blog systems & content management software. Fused Network's packages are used by a range of individuals, companies & organizations that need great support, uptime & don't have time to spend hours chasing their web hosting companies.

- Our packages include a number of great features including 24/7 phone & e-mail support, RAID protected servers, free nightly backups, free high quality spam filtering & much more.