SQL Server Hosting

Microsoft SQL server 2008 is an industrial strength database and reporting solution used and relied upon by companies around the world.

  • Offering greater storage and reporting power than open source alternatives such as MySQL, SQL server 2008 is the number choice for business critical applications.
  • Our MS SQL Server 2008 plans are designed to grow with you starting off with generous amounts of space and the ability to add extra space as and when required. They are also ideal if your current host does not support SQL server or they are very expensive as you will be able to connect to your database without switching hosts, unless you want to of course!

SQL Server 2008 - Tools and Features

* SQL Management Studio
* DBO Rights to SQL 2005
* Stored procedure support
* T-SQL Enhancements
* XML Data Types
* Multiple Active Result Set (MARS)
* XQuery
* Triggers
* ASP.NET SQL Server Session Support
* SQLXML 4.0
* MDAC 2.8
* SQL User Manager, manage/add users in real-time
* SQL User Password Reset Tool