Windows Hosting

You've developed a website and want to run an ASP script alongside an ASP.Net script, alongside a PHP script and maybe even use a Perl CGI script. You also might want the PHP script connecting to a SQL Server and MySQL database and the ASP and ASP.Net hosting Script connecting to the same MySQL and SQL Server databases. You can do all of this and more in your Freehostingnepal's  hosting account.
Mix and use all the different scripting engines - ASP, ASP.Net (1.1, 2 or 3.5), PHP (4 or 5) with one or more MySQL and/or SQL Server and/or Access databases. As soon as your account is setup, all of this is ready to go. You can choose ASP.Net and PHP versions from your control panel with changes made instantly.
Why Windows Hosting Service?
Windows Web Hosting is the hosting service provided on the Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. IIS server is used to serve the web pages on the windows platform. Windows platform provides the tools for developing web applications fast, due to this most of the development work are done on the windows platform. In most of the cases the Windows Hosing Services providers provide 99.99% uptime. Windows Web Hosting are mostly provided on Winodws NT, Winodws 2000 & Windows 2003 servers.
Power yourself with IIS Servers 

Internet Information Server or IIS for short, is a group of Internet servers (including a Web or Hypertext Transfer Protocol server and a File Transfer Protocol server) used to host the web applications on the windows platform. Apache server can also be used on windows environment for web hosting. IIS server provides a lot of administrative program for building and administrating web sites.
You can use the windows hosting service to host your web applications developed using ASP, ASP.NET, Active-X Controls, COM objects and CGI.
Windows environment supports ASP, ASP.NET, CGI and PHP. It can also support J2EE applications by using any J2EE enabled application servers.
Power Databases on Windows Hosting

On the Windows Hosing servers the commonly available database servers are MSAccess and Microsoft SQL Server. But it depends on the web hosting providers to providers. Many web hosting server providers also support MySQL on the web hosting servers. Some of the Windows Hosting Service providers also supports DB2 and Oracle databases on the Windows Hosing Servers.